Who We Are

Hunt & Company Enterprises (HCE) is a private equity focused investment firm and industry agnostic conglomerate specializing in acquiring and managing assets across various industries.

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Looking to cash out your business or retire?

Why Sell to Us?

We preserve your legacy

We understand that your business is more than just a financial asset – it's a culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and passion. So when you choose to sell your business to HCE, you're not just passing on ownership – you're entrusting us with the responsibility of safeguarding the values, traditions, and reputation that you've worked tirelessly to build. That's why we're committed to preserving the history and legacy of every business we acquire by recognizing its unique identity and dedicating our self to honoring and preserving its legacy for generations to come.

Fast and Efficient Process

It can take months if not years for your business to sell on the market not to mention all the wasted energy dealing with buyers who are not serious. We can make an offer in little as a week and can close in as little as 2 months.*

Open Communication

We believe in transparent, simple, and honest communication from the outset. We listen to concerns, address questions, and ensure that everyone feels valued and heard the process.

*Not a guaranteed time frame


Our Acquisition Criteria
  • Has an established manager or potential for manager placement

  • Established and documented operational processes

  • 5-10 year operating history (depending on industry)

  • Diversified customer base

  • Sustainable competitive advantage

  • Strong historical cashflow performance

  • Positive brand reputation and customer loyalty

  • Minimum EBITDA aka profit of $150K

  • Opportunity to acquire majority ownership

Our Acquisition Process

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