Asset Classes

While our investment focus is mostly private equity we also invest into the following asset classes:

  • Real estate: through our real estate division HCE Realty

  • Royalties

  • Public equity

  • Venture capital: through our P/E division HCE Partners

  • Infrastructure

  • Debit markets

At Hunt & Company Enterprises, our expertise lies in the acquisition of businesses spanning diverse industries, contributing to the creation of a resilient and varied long-term holdings portfolio. Our strategic methodology is designed to foster sustainable growth and profitability. Utilizing leveraged buyouts, we secure complete ownership, and post-acquisition, seamlessly integrate companies into our ecosystem conglomerate. Our primary emphasis revolves around cultivating multi-decade, long-term holdings for enduring success.

Our strategy and how we differ



Our assets work together to create a ecosystem all companies can mutually benefit from each other.

We leverage our portfolio companies to pioneer change within their respective industries, utilizing them as vehicles to bring innovative ideas into fruition.

Our Mission

Similar to our motto "The Best Companies in the World," our mission is to acquire, create, and refine assets to world-class status, driving innovative solutions and creating perfection in every industry we enter. We are committed to creating long-term value through strategic investments, meticulous restructuring, and fostering sustainable growth. The goal for each of our portfolio companies is to be the dominating force in the industry they operate in, leveraging our expertise and resources to lead the way toward excellence. Through ethical business practices and strong partnerships, we aim to leave a lasting impact not just on the business landscape but on the world as a whole.

Our Values


Chairman & CEO: Will Hunt

Will serves as the firm’s founder, chairman, and CEO. In addition he also serves as a visionary, contributing many of the ideas that drive innovation and shape the direction of our companies and industries.

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